Terms of Use

Please read the SambaPOS Terms of Use and Privacy Policy carefully before using the SambaPOS licenses, products, services, mobile applications and web site. If you begin to use any of our licenses, products, services, mobile applications and our web site, you agree to all the terms and policies contained in both documents. If you do not agree to all the terms and policies, you should not use the SambaPOS licenses, products, services, mobile applications and website.


This contract covers all software, mobile applications, website services, internet services, server services, payment services, subscribing services, etc. that are licensed, produced, sold, rented or distributed free of charge by SAMBAPOS Inc. (also referred to as SambaPOS) , third party integration software, hardware products and services. If you use any of these products, you agree to the SambaPOS Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


2.1. SambaPOS: Represents SambaPOS Inc. which licenses SambaPOS products, manages its services, mobile applications, websites and integrations.

2.2. Reseller: A fully independent company or person who provide support and installation service for SambaPOS licenses, products, services, mobile applications and websites.

2.3. Third Parties: Represents the software’s, applications, devices and services that integrated with some of the products of SambaPOS and is produced by independent companies.

2.4. User (Subscriber): Represents the company or person who use SambaPOS licensed products, services, mobile applications, or website.


3.1. The logo, content, data and codes used in SambaPOS products, services and mobile applications are all owned by SambaPOS. The SambaPOS brand is a registered trademark of SambaPOS. The brand, logo or code of SambaPOS products can not be changed, sold, rented or used under the name of different brands and products without the written consent of SambaPOS.

3.2. SambaPOS software and additional software that are linked to or integrated with SambaPOS products are made only by those that SambaPOS develops or allows. Products, services and mobile applications that SambaPOS allows to sell are only on SambaPOS websites and portals. Users and resellers with access permission and membership can access these products. No product that is not owned by SambaPOS but is produced by third parties and allegedly integrated with any product of SambaPOS is not under the responsibility of SambaPOS. The user and the reseller shall not hold SambaPOS liable for any damages arising out of the use of such products. If SambaPOS products become damaged due to the use of these products and become unable to provide the expected benefits, liability, damages are solely liable to the user or the reseller.

3.3. The user and reseller accept SambaPOS products as “as is”. SambaPOS does not promise that its products are 100% flawless. Features of SambaPOS products, services, services, and mobile applications are on the product specification pages on the website. Apart from these features, SambaPOS does not commit to offer any feature to customer. SambaPOS offers license hosting services for its products. SambaPOS does not provide installation and support services for licensed products. Installation and support services are also regulated by contract.

3.4. The use of SambaPOS products only belongs to the company or person with the license record. Licenses can not be transferred to third parties. If  SambaPOS products have been transferred and used by a third party other than the licensee, the license will be suspended or cancelled.

3.5. SambaPOS reserves the right to modify the prices, payment models and periods of its payments at the time of membership. The user and the vendor can use the product and the subscription that they have licensed until the end of the payment period.

3.6. The email and the information used to license the SambaPOS products must be the actual information of the end user. Resellers can not use their information for licensing instead of end user information. If Reseller uses their information for a license of a user, the license will be canceled or suspended. End users should report to SambaPOS immediately if they detect such a situation.

3.7. Access passwords to SambaPOS products are sent via email to the user. The protection of this information is the responsibility of the user. The use permissions of SambaPOS products is determined by the licensee. SambaPOS is not responsible for any damages that may arise if this information is shared with unauthorized persons.

3.8. Some of the SambaPOS products have a high level of configurability. These configurations must be made by the user or reseller after licensing. If there is no agreement between the user and SambaPOS to make these configurations, SambaPOS will not provide these configurations according to the client’s requests and workflow. SambaPOS is not a part of the contractual arrangements, installation and support contracts and trade arranged between the user and the reseller.

3.9. Features of the hardware and operating systems that are capable of running SambaPOS products are provided in the relevant sections of the support documentation. Problems arising from the use of inadequate and incompatible devices and operating systems are not the responsibility of SambaPOS.

3.10. SambaPOS reserves the right to make changes to its products, services and mobile applications at any time. These changes may be intermediate versions, version updates or database changes, for the benefit of the users. The user may not exclude these changes and continue to use the product as is. The mandatory changes to the operation of the system do not depend on the user’s request. The operating system, developing technological innovations, equipment or legal requirements may need to be modified. In this case the user must use the updated product, service and mobile application, not the existing ones or have their license suspended and or terminated. SambaPOS will not be liable for any such interruptions, delays, errors, or bugs. SambaPOS may contact you to assist you with the service and obtain information needed to identify and fix the errors.

3.11. The user and the reseller agree to use SambaPOS products in accordance with the laws of their countries. All liability arising from non-conforming uses will be the sole responsibility of the user and the reseller.

3.12. SambaPOS products do not contain any user data in the initial setup. All the data stored in the products database is entered and saved by the user. For this reason, only the user is responsible for the content and accuracy of the information entered. The user can optionally save the backup of the database to external media. It is the user’s own responsibility for the safety of the data.

3.13. The user is responsible for preparing the necessary infrastructure for the operation of SambaPOS products. The user is responsiblefor any problems caused by insufficient internet, operating system, network, cabling, and electricity infrastructure.

3.14. Some of the SambaPOS products may be licensed on a lifetime basis, some with monthly payments, some with annual payments, some with user and device-based licenses. Carefully read the description of the product you are buying and note the pricing features. Products that have expired licenses may be temporarily disabled or permanently revoked to disable access to products. The licensing and payment responsibility of the products belongs to the user. SambaPOS shall not be held liable for any damages arising from the use and accessibility of the products due to the end of their license.

3.15. If SambaPOS products are found not to be used by the user or reseller in accordance with the terms of use, SambaPOS has the right to temporarily suspend or cancel the user or the reseller licenses.

3.16. SambaPOS may make changes in the pricing of its products and memberships according to the characteristics of the countries and the laws of the countries. The characteristics of the products offered with the same brand and name may vary according to this situation. The user and the reseller accept the product offered to them as it is.

3.17. Some of the SambaPOS products can be offered through internet service providers, third party services and servers in the integration structure. With this integration, products offered through providers, services, and servers can sometimes be interrupted for certain or unspecified reasons that are not connected to SambaPOS. SambaPOS is not responsible for any damages incurred by this situation. SambaPOS is committed to making the most of the arrangements and repairs required to operate these products as soon as possible.

3.18. Trial versions of SambaPOS products are offered to users and vendors. Before licensing, products may be tested for a period determined by the user and the vendor. After the user and the seller make the decision to pay for and receive their license, no refunds will be given after the payment has been made.


4.1. Data usage, protection of personal data and privacy policy regarding sharing is regulated by the Users country applicable laws and regulations. SambaPOS operates under the terms of these laws. For more information, you can review our Privacy Policy document.

Or 4.1 The privacy and security of the users personal information is important to us. SambaPOS’s Privacy Statement details what information we collect about the user, how we may use the information and the security measures we have taken to protect that information. The Privacy Statement forms a binding part of the Terms of Service and contains important information about your rights.

4.2. The use of SambaPOS products requires the name, surname, company name, tax number, tax office, address, telephone, and e-mail information of the users and resellers. This information is required to activate user and reseller accounts. Users and resellers agree that SambaPOS is permitted by applicable law to use this information.

4.3. Users and reseller may cancel their membership in SambaPOS products at any time and request that their information be deleted from the records. In order to perform the deletion, a request from the users registered email must be sent to [email protected]. When this process has been completed, all user and reseller information related to the products will be deleted. The user and the seller’s rights to use the product and license will be terminated. The user and the reseller know and agree to this process.

4.4. Because the user and resellers use SambaPOS products as a means of trade, any information used may be commercial information. Users and resellers give permission to SambaPOS for the use of this information in the development, marketing activities and the business development, processing and reporting according to the scope of applicable law of the users country to this information.

4.5. Any information obtained as a result of the use of SambaPOS products will result in damage to the user and the vendor, prevent competition, create unfair revenues, and can not be used for the purpose of creating a discrepancy.

4.6. SambaPOS is permitted by the user, and resellers to have access to information from resellers, third parties, and any other suppliers that are related to the use of SambaPOS and the partnered services.

4.7 I authorize SambaPOS’s payments partners, Global Payments Integrated to provide to SambaPOS the following as it pertains to my business: details of my payments transactions; fee and pricing details; underwriting and credit information; and other associated data. I will not withdraw this consent while using Global Payments Integrated for transaction processing services.


5.1. SambaPOS may make improvements and changes in its products due to legal or technological innovations. Depending on this or in full accordance with the requirements can make changes in the conditions of use.

5.2. SambaPOS may change the terms of use and privacy agreement depending on the circumstances. You can find the latest version of the document on sambapos.com.

5.3. SambaPOS is a company which operates depending on the laws of United States of America and Republic of Turkey. On Legal disputes, the laws of the United States of America and Republic of Turkey shall apply. Delaware, Arkansas and Istanbul Courts are accepted as legal responsible.


If you have any questions about the terms of use and privacy policy, you can contact us at [email protected] and [email protected].