SambaPOS Go Tablet

A comprehensive Tablet Menu for restaurants. Explore the benefits of this excellent interface with SambaPOS.

  • Integrated with latest SambaPOS V5
  • Menu and Product Integration
  • Android and iOS Versions
  • Multi-language Support
  • Managed from Web
SambaPOS GO Tablet

SambaPOS Presents: A Fully Integrated Tablet Menu

Say no to boring menus.

Go Tablet is the Tablet Menu fully integrated with SambaPOS. Now your customers can have a visual presentation of your menu, which treats them to the glamour of your dish visually even before the dish is on the table.

Today’s customers value the experience more than the actual food itself. “The difference between the good and the great is its presentation”. So, whether it is a menu, promotion, or product features, share it through Go Tablet with your customers.

Transfer your Menu with just a click of the button

When selected, the orders from the tablet are forwarded to your kitchen screen and your restaurant printer.

Features Developed for On-the-Go Management

Compatible with Android and iOS

Go Tablet from SambaPOS works with both iOS and Android to give you and your customers the best experience that is a level above your standards of satisfaction. The only requirement is to have a tablet that is 7 inches or above.

Easy Monitoring and Updating

You can supervise all your tablets via a single web application, and you can also identify different operating methods and systems for each tablet. This highlights another one of SambaPOS Go Tablet’s principal goals: “Control”. Aside from being convenient enough for restaurants to take orders, you can now have complete control over all your tablet menus by dictating their operation and appearance.

SambaPOS GO Tablet

Benefits of SambaPOS Go Tablet Menu

Easy Orders

SambaPOS Go Tablet menu helps customers to order food better, which is not possible with a Print Menu with limited information. There is no more confusion when it comes to deciding what to order and less probability of ordering the wrong dish.

Fast Updates

With SambaPOS Go Tablet, you can update your menu quickly, instantly, and in real-time. You can immediately update your restaurant’s latest offerings to your menu and also remove unavailable items.

Cost-Effective System

The tablet menu is surprisingly cost-effective and less time-consuming to create than a Print Menu. With the SambaPOS Go Tablet menu, this cost and time can be saved. With the print menu, additional time is spent in designing, approving, and printing. These expenditures make the Tablet menu a robust investment.

Safety and Hygiene

Tablet menus are at no real risk of water or oil stain or just the regular paper discolouration. These stains give an undesirable look which makes customers feel uneasy to touch them while ordering. Tablet menus are, in fact, safe when the tablet is sterilised before each use.

Cater to Global Audiences

SambaPOS Go Tablet menu can help a wide variety of customers. It can communicate the menu to different linguistic groups using its multi-language option.

Who Should Not Wait to Get SambaPOS Go Tablet?

All restaurants should move to SambaPOS Go Tablet for upgrading their user experience. However, you should immediately upgrade to SambaPOS Go Tablet if you fall under any of the following categories:

  • You are a new / reputable/ innovative restaurant / food court or cafe and bar.
  • Your restaurant is open 24/7 and changes menus based on time.
  • You are a Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) or fast food restaurant that has to help customers with food on the go.
  • You are a member of a chain of restaurants that might have a variation in their menu.

When the Service Begins with the Customer Table

1- The waiter chooses the specific table before handing over the tablet to the customer.

2- The customer selects the products.

3- The customer confirms the order, which is immediately conveyed to the kitchen.

When the Service Begins with the Customer Order

1- The waiter hands over the tablet to the customer to choose the dishes or products.

2- The customer makes the selections and gives the tablet back to the waiter.

3- The waiter selects the table the customer is seated at, finalizes the order, and sends it to the kitchen.

When the Tablet is Already on the Table

1- A tablet specifically assigned to the table awaits the customer.

2- The customer places and confirms the order.

3- The order is directly shared with the kitchen.

SambaPOS GO Tablet

SambaPOS is trusted by restaurant businesses worldwide.

With features such as menu synchronization, multi-language support, and more, SambaPOS Go Tablet is a must-have for restaurants. Buy the SambaPOS Go Tablet or become a SambaPOS reseller!