SambaPOS KDS (Kitchen Display System) is an order display system that allows you to control the communication of the table orders and kitchen workflow easily.


Revolutionize your restaurant kitchen with the state of the art Kitchen Display System by SambaPOS.

  • Paperless Communication
  • Fast Service
  • Smooth Workflow
  • 100% Order Accuracy

Dynamic Capacity Management


Revolutionize your restaurant kitchen with the state of the art Kitchen Display System by SambaPOS.

  • Paperless Communication
  • Fast Service
  • Smooth Workflow
  • 100% Order Accuracy

Dynamic Capacity Management

Click Your Way Through An Order with SambaPOS KDS

Waiting Staff Digitally Accepts the Customer Order
The Information is Instantly Transferred to the Kitchen
The Kitchen Staff Receive and Acknowledge the Order
They Change the Order Status to “Being Prepared”
Once the Order is Ready, the Server Receives a Notification
The Guests Receive their Order with No Fuss
SambaPOS Mutfak Ekranı
This Innovative KDS by SambaPOS is Compatible with Multiple Devices and OS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Computer

SambaPOS – NOT Too Hot to Handle!

The restaurant kitchen environment can be challenging to navigate. With constant, bustling activity, high heat and humidity, as well as multiple pieces of cooking equipment, it is not at all easy to manage day-to-day operations seamlessly.

This is where technology comes into play! Organize your kitchen workflow, manage communication between the front-end and back-end, and ensure profitability in your restaurant. Read on to know the excellent features and benefits offered by SambaPOS KDS.

Efficiently Manage Your Kitchen Operations

  • Reliable Insights for Informed Decisions: Real-time data insights can help you track your orders and plan for future service periods. Design your business strategy for profitability too.
  • Customized Set-Up for Your Restaurant and Brand: Organize your daily kitchen operations the way you want. Make the software work for you!

  • Delightful Experience for Your Customers: Provide impeccable service to your guests and ensure that they come back again. Become the talk of the town!

How does SambaPOS KDS Assist You?

Seamless Communication

Gone are the days when paper-based tickets were used to share order details. Today, it is all about technology. With our Kitchen Display System, you can collect order information, pass it to the kitchen, update the status of each order, and serve your guests without any interruptions or confusion. Everything happens with a simple click of a button. Our software can be used on multiple devices and operating systems and has a very short learning curve.

Configuration Capabilities for Dynamic Needs

A restaurant kitchen is always busy dealing with rush-hour service, delivery orders, takeaway orders, special events, and more. Additionally, the kitchen staff also have to manage shift rotations, sudden changes to staff rota, and other unexpected situations. With technological integration, your team members can handle any challenge that is thrown at them. Changes to stock, labour, orders, and more can be done almost instantaneously and from anywhere.

Smooth Management of Table, Takeaway, and Delivery Service

Modern restaurants need to have multi-channel operations to remain sustainable and beat the competition. Most businesses have options for in-person dining, takeaway as well as home deliveries. What does this mean for your kitchen staff? They need to ensure that they get the correct information for each order and prepare the food without errors. The KDS helps assign the order in an easy-to-understand and efficient way.

Integration with Other Excellent Products by SambaPOS

As excellent as it is, the SambaPOS KDS works even better when aligned with our other products. SambaPOS has a wide range of products and services specifically designed, keeping in mind the dynamic requirements of those in the restaurant business. Check out GoMenu (our digital menu system), CDS (Custom Delivery System), GO Kiosk (for self-orders), and our flagship hospitality solution, SambaPOS V5 Pro.

Quick Turn-Around Time

This fast-changing world and the evolving needs of customers means that they expect instant service. Not satisfying their demands can lead to poor customer satisfaction and, ultimately, loss in business revenue. However, you can ensure speedy and accurate service by automating your order and kitchen display systems. With SambaPOS KDS, the journey from order placement to order fulfilment is seamless. Your customers will enjoy fantastic, fast, and faultless service.

Reduced Chaos

Help your restaurant kitchen achieve a peaceful working environment. Food and drink service is the most essential aspect of any restaurant, cafe, or bar. And thus, the cooking staff can do their jobs without being affected by external noise and chaos. Paperless and digital communication not only ensures faster service but also reduces the noise and enables a calm and organized kitchen.

Reporting Functionalities for Elevating Your Business

With our reporting capabilities, you get a 360-degree view of your restaurant operations. Find out every detail about how your kitchen is operated, what improvements you need to make, what processes are running smoothly, and how you can scale up your business. You might need more staff members at certain times, you might need to improve your home delivery platform, or you might even need to integrate your business with food delivery companies. Make informed decisions with precise data.

SambaPOS Kitchen Display System

Enjoy A Better Return on Investment with SambaPOS KDS

SambaPOS would love to assist you to streamline your kitchen operations. Buy SambaPOS KDS or become a reseller to empower your kitchen, increase customer happiness, and the success of your restaurant!