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Fast Food POS for Quick Operations and Service

With the assistance of our Samba POS software, you can manage your outlet efficiently with the least amount of manual intervention. SambaPOS software takes care of everything from managing payroll, customer service, and handling orders.

Benefits of Using SambaPOS

  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Keep up with the expectations of your customers
  • Reduce delays and errors in all business operations

Enable quick payment solutions for easy billing


Digital Menu for Your Customers with the Fast Food POS Software

Our SambaPOS software assists you in offering a variety of fast food to your customers quickly and efficiently. It has a feature named SambaPOS Go Menu that is a fully digital menu with benefits such as:

  • Multi-language support
  • Options for combos and specials, seasonal menus, and festive offers
  • Fewer chances of errors in orders
  • Adding photos of products
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

Boost Performance with Fast Food POS Software

Sales and revenue are two very important aspects, whether you have a single business, or a chain of fast food restaurants. SambaPOS software can assist you to keep track of your sales and revenue metrics, best selling items, most productive hours, and more.

Managing your workforce also gets challenging often, but our software has a feature named MetriK that helps you manage your staff. You can even access the dashboard from your mobile device and work on the go. Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Mobile application that is easy to use
  • Monitoring of employee work hours
  • Tracking of different payment solutions
  • Custom reports suited for your business strategy
SambaPOS FastFood

Avoid Long Queues With Our Fast Food POS Software

As a restaurant owner, you may be well aware of how difficult it is to handle long queues in a restaurant. Smooth operations can be challenging, and to ensure seamless management, we at SambaPOS software have come up with our customer display system. Provide a great checkout experience!

Kitchen Display System For Your Restaurant’s Kitchen Staff

Using this tool, you can send orders directly to the kitchen. This procedure saves much of the staff’s time and the customers’ time too. Your wait staff no longer have to spend additional time transferring the orders accurately to the kitchen.

Opt for Self-Service with Our Fast Food POS Software

Self-service has proved to be very efficient in running a fast food restaurant. SambaPOS Go Kiosk empowers your customers to skip lines and choose the product they want. They can place their orders on the app, make the payment, and collect it at their convenience.

Easy Payment Solutions

Add quick pay options to the payment screen and enable your customers to pay using the method they prefer the most. You can include discounts, offers, taxes, tips, and more!

SambaPOS Products

Transformational Business Experience with SambaPOS

Our SambaPOS software is dedicated to helping you with the fastest service while maintaining the best quality. Start using our solutions and streamline your daily business operations without any chances of error. Order management, inventory monitoring, menu system – we have got it all. Click here to buy, or apply to be a partner!