SambaPOS GO Kiosk application allows customers to manage their self service ordering process. They can also handle self service payments with a kiosk device.

SambaPOS GO Kiosk

SambaPOS GO Kiosk — a faster, flexible, and fully-integrated self-service ordering application to meet the needs of a bustling restaurant environment.

SambaPOS GO Kiosk

SambaPOS GO Kiosk — a faster, flexible, and fully-integrated self-service ordering application to meet the needs of a bustling restaurant environment.

Increased Ticket Size

Increased Ticket Size

Shorter Queues

Shorter Queues

Easy to Use

Easyto Use

Custom Designs

Custom Designs

SambaPOS GO Kiosk
For accelerated business growth, the restaurants need a streamlined ordering system, allowing them to effortlessly deliver exceptional service to the customers.

Performance improvement and adaptability are the keys to achieving your business goals and customers’ expectations. As more customers are looking for a quick, simple user experience, the responsibility lies with the restaurateurs to adapt, modernize and digitize order management and tracking systems.

Get SambaPOS GO Kiosk for Self Service

Customers usually visit various outlets, compare dishes, prices, and services before deciding their favourite restaurant. Given that customers today expect faster delivery and lesser wait times, restaurateurs need to be prudent while opting for a self-service ordering application for their business.

SambaPOS GO Kiosk

Essential Value-Adds with SambaPOS

With SambaPOS GO Kiosk, restaurateurs can now drive incremental revenue, eliminate redundant operating costs and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Why Do Restaurateurs Choose SambaPOS GO Kiosk?

Better Ordering Experience

SambaPOS GO Kiosk simplifies how your customers see a self-service ordering system — ranging from the point of placing their desired order to making the payment secure and hassle-free.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Who does not want to get their orders processed and delivered in minutes with a few taps on the screen? SambaPOS GO Kiosk allows your customers to easily access, track and manage their orders through a secured payment platform having multiple language support.

Customization All the Way

When you want to install a POS for your kiosk (either large, small, or wide) you may have to compromise on user experience and various features when integrating your kiosk with an inflexible and unalterable POS application.

Strong Customer Base

It is not that hard to get regular, repeat customers when you fulfill their orders real quick or prepare the food with the extra toppings or condiments.

Improved Staff Productivity

By giving your customers the freedom to choose, you let your staff be more productive. Employees who are genuinely happy and satisfied with their work are more likely to be efficient and capable, aligning their goals with your business objective.

No More Waiting

As a restaurant owner who wants their customers to experience trouble-free and delightful customer service, not having to make customers wait for their orders is a big challenge. SambaPOS GO Kiosk is meticulously designed and built to handle continuous ordering and payment processing. You can now serve your customers without having them wait in line for hours.

Configuration As Per Your Needs

However, SambaPOS GO Kiosk lets you seamlessly alter the application’s user interface as per your needs and hardware requirements — be it vertical, horizontal, or countertop hardware. SambaPOS GO Kiosk gives you the absolute freedom to customize it.

Asists and Directs Your Customers

With SambaPOS GO Kiosk, you can now give your customers more power and control over the ordering process, enhance their overall ordering experience and make it as simple as using a vending machine.

Build Your Brand

SambaPOS GO Kiosk has the potential to transform a bustling environment into a more calm-paced environment, which turns every new customer into a loyal customer. The key to changing all your customers into regulars is empowering them to choose or customize the orders to their liking.

Harmonious Working Environment

SambaPOS Go Kiosk lets you efficiently utilize your workforce and let them handle more crucial tasks that require human assistance. SambaPOS Go Kiosk is equipped with advanced technology, enabling you to use your workforce efficiently.

SambaPOS GO Kiosk

Ready to Put Your Customers in Control of their Dining Experience?

  • SambaPOS is easy to use and customizable. Do not worry about complicated installation or buying experience.
  • SambaPOS GO Kiosk, with features like unlimited products, easy ordering, and payment integration, is precisely what you need to build a robust business
  • Buy SambaPOS GO Kiosk, set up a SambaPOS yourself, and voilà, you are all set to explore the possibilities of SambaPOS GO Kiosk in your restaurants.
  • If you want to become an authorized SambaPOS reseller, click here to know more about how to grow our business together.