SambaPOS Mobile Client allows waiters to place mobile phone order without needing a pen or notepad every time. So they can manage the processes smoothly.

Never miss an order with SambaPOS Mobile Client – for Android and iOS

With SambaPOS V5 Pro you’ll be able take and
process orders, manage all aspects of your
restaurant and transform your business completely
into the digital world.

Never miss an order with SambaPOS Mobile Client – for Android and iOS

With SambaPOS V5 Pro you’ll be able take and process orders, manage all aspects of your restaurant and transform your business completely into the digital world.

Have you ever been at a restaurant where you constantly have to remind the waiter to get your order, get you a cheque, or refill a glass of wine? Unfortunately, poor customer service can result in poor business metrics.

A recipe for success would mean installing simple software onto your waiters’ business mobile phones and enabling them to seamlessly handle the orders without any delays and mixups.

Go Digital with SambaPOS Mobile Client

SambaPOS Mobile Client allows your waiting staff to smoothly handle the orders without having to carry a pen and notepad all the time. SambaPOS Mobile Client helps restaurants digitize operations, and helps leverage technology to accelerate your business transformation so you stay ahead in an ever-changing economy.

  • Tracking System with Tags
  • Add Order Notes
  • Monitor All Tables
  • Easily Customizable
  • Integrated with SambaPOS

How does SambaPOS Mobile Client Help Your Business Thrive?

Track Orders. Stay in Control.

Any waiter at a restaurant should be attentive while taking an order. Sometimes, waiters tend to forget the simplest or most important thing while running between the kitchen and tables for hours. This results in customer dissatisfaction. In situations where your waiters are probably new or working more tables than they can handle, SambaPOS Mobile Client helps waiters steer clear of simple mistakes.

SambaPOS Mobile Client
SambaPOS Mobile Client

Save Time, Reach New Customers

Expanding your customer base is one of the next steps you want to take in a new business. If you already have a strong customer base, retaining your existing customers is as important as gaining new customers. No matter how beautiful your dining hall is or how diverse your menu is, in the end, it is all about how quickly you deliver the orders. SambaPOS Mobile Client is tailored to help your waiters effortlessly handle even the busiest day at the restaurant.

Increase Revenue

Not every customer who walks into your restaurant knows what they want. Most of the time, it is the place and the warm service they get that makes them frequent your restaurant. SambaPOS Mobile Client creates exceptional guest experiences that accelerate your sales and growth with happy customers walking out of your restaurant. With the ability to handle multiple tables and orders, SambaPOS Mobile Client equips your waiters with a powerful tool to handle any number of guests, especially on festive occasions.

SambaPOS Mobile Client
SambaPOS Mobile Client

Make Your Employees Love What They Do

Combining top-notch technology with superior service is what will unlock your restaurant’s full potential. A successful restaurateur knows to efficiently utilize the employees for better productivity and seamless team execution. Most of the waiters who work in a busy environment would like to cut down on the time they take to check if a customer’s food is ready. SambaPOS Mobile Client enables users to efficiently handle all orders in a completely user-friendly manner with an interactive and intuitive user interface.

Boost Orders with the Power of Transparency

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates

While taking an order, it is possible that your busy waiters may unintentionally miss out on an item or forget to add toppings/condiments that the customers specifically asked for. In such an instance, you may never know how the customer felt unless you receive feedback. SambaPOS Mobile Client is transparent when it comes to Order Tracking, allowing you to enhance your customer experience.

SambaPOS Mobile Client

What Else Do You Need to Know about SambaPOS Mobile Client?

  • Compatible with all the phones and tablets that run on Android
  • Adding sub tickets becomes easier
  • Customizable configuration
  • Capable of seamlessly incorporating multiple users on the same device
  • Reliability and scalability for your emerging business
  • Powered with a user-friendly interface for fast ordering
  • Tracking of all your orders on a single screen
  • Print receipts and add unlimited tags in a second
SambaPOS Mobile Client
SambaPOS Product

Want to See How SambaPOS Mobile Client Works for Your Restaurant?

With SambaPOS Mobile client, you can unlock order, ticket, sub-ticket, printing, and tag features. The easy configuration is exactly what your restaurant needs. Buy SambaPOS Mobile Client or become a reseller and get started with the next step to engineer your business for the future.