SambaPOS Neptune – Branch Management System

You can easily manage your restaurants by the help of our cloud based branch management system. One branch or 1000 branches, it is not a matter for us.

You can easily change menu, products or prices from HQ.

SambaPOS Neptune – Branch Management System

You can easily manage your restaurants by the help of our cloud based branch management system. One branch or 1000 branches, it is not a matter for us.

You can easily change menu, products or prices from HQ.

SambaPOS Neptune
What can you do with SambaPOS Neptune?

You can make all changes and updates written below in one branch or in all branches by the help of our cloud based management system.

  • Products
  • Menus
  • Prices
  • Sales Screens
  • Users
  • Permissions
  • Reports
  • Inventory Items
  • Receipts
  • Accounts

SambaPOS Neptune simplifies branch management. In restaurants chains that have one or more branches, necessary changes can be made within minutes without going to the branches. Branch-specific changes can be made with the help of cloud-based servers created for the HQ.

With the branch management system, restaurant chain owners can easily manage their branches from all over the world.

With an interface almost similar to SambaPOS V5 screens, the authorized users can easily make the necessary changes on the branch screens via a web page without long training processes.

Your reports are always with you with SambaPOS Neptune and SambaPOS Metrik

It is very important for restaurant owners that the reports are up-to-date and constantly accessible in multi-branch management. With SambaPOS Neptune, you can manage your fast food, takeaway, table service screens, as well as received payments and product reports are instantly reflected in your reports and displayed in SambaPOS Metrik. If you wish, you can print out your reports or store them digitally.

Cloud-based SambaPOS Metrik provides access to these reports whenever you want. With the reports received, you can make the right decisions for your restaurants and manage your sales targets. With SambaPOS Neptune and SambaPOS Metrik, you can get branch profit, payment detail reports, product sales reports, personnel reports, inventory reports.

Since all your reports are also stored on branch computers, reconciliation, cash and end-of-day transactions can be compared and processed very quickly.

Branch Order Management

Branch stocks and the supply of sales products are very important in restaurants with multiple branches. With SambaPOS Neptune, restaurant branches can order the products they need to the HQ during the day or at the end of the day. Branches and headquarters can track their orders. The HQ sees the orders sent instantly and can plan the production and supply processes. The shipping information of the approved orders is shared with the restaurant branches.

With the SambaPOS Neptune order tracking system, sales continue without interruption. Necessary products are sent to restaurant branches on time. Restaurant branches add incoming products to their stocks, allowing the HQ to have instant information for accurate reporting. Since the production planning will be done according to the reports, the production and labor costs are shaped as desired by the HQ.

According to the reports received, the best-selling products or the less-sold products are determined in the restaurant. The HQ can plan order processes on the basis of restaurant branches. Since the information on which product is sold more in which branch will be at the HQ, production and supply planning can be done on the basis of restaurant branches.

Product, Menu and Price Changes in Branches

In restaurants with more than one branch, product, menu and price changes can be made easily with SambaPOS Neptune. Periodically prepared menus can be activated in selected branches. Different products may be offered for sale in different branches. The prices of the products can be determined according to the branches.

Menus suitable for campaign periods can be created and applied on the selected branches. Menus that have expired can be removed from the screens of the selected branches and new ones can be added. You can give different names to your menus and activate these menus when necessary. You can change the prices of menu items at any time according to daily, monthly, increasing costs. In this way, your profitability is constantly updated and you are not affected by cost increases.

If you wish, you can prevent product, menu and price entries and changes at restaurant branches, and ensure that all entries and changes are made from the HQ. Central control system can be managed by branch managers who are authorized at the HQ by connecting to the authorities. Thus, control and security are always kept at a high level.

SambaPOS Neptune

New Branch with SambaPOS Neptune

Opening a new branch is very easy with SambaPOS Neptune. The databases created are transferred to the new branch computers with the cloud system. By connecting remotely, necessary customizations and printer tasks are defined. With the installations made without physically going to the branch, the restaurant is activated very quickly.

Branch-specific screens, printing templates, products, menus and reports are created instantly at the restaurant branch. Necessary changes are made at the same speed when requested. Personnel trainings are given remotely, accelerating the start-up processes. Personnel working in restaurant branches are defined by SambaPOS Neptune and permissions are determined. Constraints are defined.

With SambaPOS Neptune, central control is strengthened and a sales-oriented restaurant branch structure is created. With the confidence of easily managing hundreds of branches, you can only focus on growing your business.

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