Metrik is an online report tracking application that designed to provide access to instant reports of your restaurant through your mobile phone.

SambaPOS Metrik

Real-time tracking metrics for restaurants.

A high-performing restaurant tracking app, Metrik for SambaPOS is specifically designed to give you access to all the essential performance tracking metrics directly on your smartphone instantly.

SambaPOS Metrik

Real-time tracking metrics for restaurants.

A high-performing restaurant tracking app, Metrik for SambaPOS is specifically designed to give you access to all the essential performance tracking metrics directly on your smartphone instantly.

$77Annual charges
  • 1 restaurant and 1 user
$179Annual charges
  • 1 restaurant and unlimited users
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Accessing vital data for your restaurant, such as sales and payment reports, can get complicated when you are travelling or simply not present at the place of your business. But with SambaPOS, you can get easy access to critical data regarding your business, helping you stay updated no matter where you are.

For any business in the restaurant industry, keeping track of daily sales, inventory for raw materials, expenses, and staff reports are critical factors defining the success of your daily operations. With Metrik for SambaPOS, you can acquire and track crucial data for your restaurant in one place, helping you make better decisions, and increase your sales margin by enhancing operational efficiencies with the power of infographics.

Restaurant Business Data On The Go with Metrik for SambaPOS

Mobile-ready System
Dynamic Reporting
Inventory Management
Performance Analysis
Cost-Effective Strategy
Optimize Your Finances With Better Analysis

Using traditional ways to analyze finances and preparing accounting reports is severely time-consuming. It is an essential aspect of your business, but with Metrik for SambaPOS, preparing and analyzing financial reports is reasonably straightforward. It is designed to significantly reduce the time you spend on creating reports manually, providing you with more time to focus on other critical areas of your business.

With the Metrik for SambaPOS you can also keep track of your expenses and effectively manage them through our advanced cost management interface. It is specifically designed to help you understand both your major and minor costs and to assist you in making appropriate adjustments where necessary. A complete view of your payment history and details can be viewed on your smartphone, and any discrepancies can easily be identified. You get graphically supported dynamic and instant reporting with Metrik.

Dynamic reporting includes:

  • Product Reports
  • Staff Reports
  • Income Reports
  • Chain and Branch Reports
  • More…
Better Inventory Management Through Efficient Stock Reports

For any restaurant, running out of stock of critical raw materials and food items can lead to a highly negative experience. We understand that, and therefore, Metrik for SambaPOS offers you a sophisticated inventory management tool on the app. The app offers you the convenience of managing your inventory levels from any location, ensuring that you avoid the inconveniences associated with missing stock levels.

Optimize Labour Costs Through Efficient Staff Reporting

Staff and labour costs are critical to the success of any restaurant. Metrik for SambaPOS offers you the ability to control your labour and staff costs, assisting you focus on the areas where labour costs need to be optimized.

Metrik for SambaPOS helps you increase the efficiency of your staff by setting boundaries in place to ensure they perform to the best of their abilities, manage their grievances, leaves, and related factors that can significantly boost the productivity of your staff.

Understand Your Best-Performing Items

Through Metrik for SambaPOS, you can create categories to track and understand your best performing food items and dishes. You can use the data to promote those specific items on your menu and create sales strategies accordingly. Additionally, the “Best Selling Items” feature on the app can also help you understand the underperforming items and identify product variance that may be affecting your sales.

Ready To Optimize Your Restaurant Performance?

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your restaurant performance on a smartphone app sounds too good to be true. But that is precisely what we offer. Accessing complete data of your restaurant performance can undoubtedly assist you make revenue-increasing decisions and make you stay a step ahead in the increasingly competitive restaurant business.

Metrik for SambaPOS is handy for restaurant owners who have difficulties managing their restaurants or the chains and branches operations in multiple locations. On a single app, you can get financial information of all your restaurants, track sales, revenues and expenses, and get a broad understanding of critical areas of your restaurants at lightened speed.

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Make a Clean Break, Get Started with SambaPOS!

Most modern-day restaurants have already started using digital technologies and make the most of technological opportunities and automation to optimize their performance, so if you have not started as yet, now is the time. Update your reporting and tracking process to significantly improve your operational efficiency with Metrik for SambaPOS. It is easy to use and comes with various pricing plans. Click here to buy the app or become a reseller with affordable prices and upgrade your restaurant performance!