Requirements: Windows 7 Pro, 8 or 10
Operating System

SambaPOS V5 Pro

Core SambaPOS hospitality solution for restaurants.

With SambaPOS V5 Pro you’ll be able take and process orders, manage all aspects of your restaurant and transform your business completely into the digital world.

SambaPOS provides a welcoming and easy to use completely customizable platform for you and for your customers. It is more than enough for your restaurant management needs.

A Step Up

The solutions you need for total restaurant management are at hand. Our current features are more than enough to keep global restaurants running like well-oiled machines, but we didn’t stop there. We diligently stay up to speed with technological innovations in pursuit of additional features that will optimize our users’ experience.

Complete Customization

Create Snazzy Menus, Custom Reports and More

Fine tune SambaPOS to cater to the needs of your restaurant. With screen customization, you can provide your staff with powerful, adjustable tools to serve your valued customers. Use photos of food and create unlimited sub-menus and order modifiers to enhance the ordering process. Define various payment methods and create custom reports. Menus can be created dependent on certain times of the day or special occasions; morning, evening, birthday, Christmas, etc.

Advanced Reporting

Real-time Data at Your Fingertips

Don’t leave your restaurant’s potential success in the hands of fate. Decide which aspects of your business need attention and effortlessly create reports that will aid you in making informed decisions. Prepare, save and print customized reports that can be modified according to your preferences: product-based, period-based, cashier-specific, inventory-based, etc.


Seamlessly Integrate Existing Software with SambaPOS

Integrating SambaPOS with other applications is so easy. Thanks to our integration with numerous applications, you are afforded more solutions. Easily integrate with ordering and payment systems, obtain report data, adjust product pricing and more.

A La Carte, Delivery, Takeaway & More

Add Multiple Departments to SambaPOS

Create multiple departments that can be managed from a single database. Adjust products and create custom menus depending on the department. Choose from various authorization and automation options.

Process Tracking

Track and Analyze Your Restaurant’s Performance

Follow up with all operations within SambaPOS and decide whether or not they meet your standards. You can monitor operations from several angles: table clearing and preparation, cook time, authorizations, service speed, etc. With this knowledge, make adjustments and increase your productivity.

Floor Plans and Table Organization

Design a Layout that Allows for a Comfortable Flow Between Customers and Staff

Upload your current restaurant layout or create a new layout. Incorporate garden, terrace, bar, upper/lower levels and more into your plans. In order to avoid confusion, position layouts in an organized fashion with clear visuals so that staff members can direct customers and orders to the correct table. Add/delete seats, move items to another person or table, and view the live status of each table.

Billing Operations

Offer Your Guests Multiple Payment Options

Settle bills via multiple payment options such as cash, check, debit/credit card, gift/loyalty card, or customer account. Apply discounts to entire bills, single menu items, or a group of menu items. Define various tax types.

Loyalty & Gift Cards

Create and manage loyalty, gift, membership and prepaid cards

SambaPOS offers businesses the ability to customize their loyalty and rewards programs. Create special promotions according to different card types. Our loyalty feature gives you the power to create engaging programs that build customer loyalty. Gift cards boost sales, keep regular customers around and welcome new customers.

Multiple Currency Support

Don’t Waste Time Calculating

Define an unlimited number of currencies. Take payments in one currency and provide change in another currency with automatically calculated exchange rates. View cash reports according to currency type.

Accounting System

Tracking Receivables and Payables

Keep track of open customer accounts, branch accounts, payroll, income and expenses. Custom design your accounting system to accommodate all financials related to your restaurant so nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Simple, user-friendly design
  • Personnel password authentication
  • Unlimited menus, categories and products
  • Creation of products and product groups
  • Taking order by clicking on the product pictures
  • Taking order by option, price and quantity
  • Gift, cancel and void features
  • Group, split or merge orders
  • Fast sale feature from cash register
  • Printing from cash register and kitchen printers
  • Receive payments via cash, foreign currency, credit card and voucher
  • Transfer payments to accounts as debts
  • Design unlimited floor and table layouts
  • Change, transfer and merge tables
  • End-of-day, sales and collections reporting
  • Inventory activities, alerts and reports
  • Verification of inventory levels with periodic checks
  • Back up, restore and cloud synchronization