UberEats Integration

Easily register, track, and send all the orders from UberEats onto SambaPOS.

By integrating UberEats with SambaPOS, it brings you new customers; thereby strengthening your order volume and revenue as you focus on business development.

Boost Your Orders With SambaPOS UberEats Integration Now!

SambaPOS UberEats Integration

Here’s how SambaPOS UberEats Integration works:

  • Serves as a nexus between your in-house order management and UberEats
  • Instantly obtains orders from UberEats and allows their seamless processing through SambaPOS
  • Provides comprehensive and detailed reports to gain valuable insights and enhance your order volume
  • Equipped with features such as real-time order status to enhance the online food delivery experience
  • Enhances customer experience and retention significantly
  • Gaining  happy customers helps improve your profit margin


Fits Your Business and Meets Your Expectation

Strong, Sustainable, Digital Presence

SambaPOS UberEats integration helps you concentrate on your business while it gathers orders for you.  Watch the positive feedback pour in as you delight your customers through flexible food ordering

Accurate Online Order

Significantly save on time and effort by cutting down on the manual order recording. Through SambaPOS UberEats Integration, receive food orders automatically.

Real-time analytics

Forget the risk of losing data and serve your customers with confidence.

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