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User interface

Basic concepts

  • Departments
  • Terminals
  • Users & user roles
  • Work periods
  • Tickets & orders
  • The POS menu
    • Products & product categories
    • Menus
    • Recipes
    • Product modifiers

Quick-start: setting up a (very basic) POS configuration

Advanced concepts

Customizing your POS system


Mobile Client

SambaPOS License


Work Periods

By starting a work period you'll identify your working hours. It simplifies reporting and also useful for tracking periodic inventory changes.

On the right side of the screen we can see past work periods. Start Work Period and End Work Period buttons are useful to start / end a work period. When you start work period a confirmation screen will appear and on this screen you can write a description for the reason of the work period start if needed. When a work period starts, Start Work Period button disables and End Work Period button enables.

tip You won't be able to end a work period unless at least 1 full minute passes.

If a work period is active we can see start date/time of the work period and how many minutes passed.

SambaPOS starts displaying a warning if you do not end a work period for more than 24 hours.

Start & End work periods daily for better reporting.

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