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User interface

Basic concepts

  • Departments
  • Terminals
  • Users & user roles
  • Work periods
  • Tickets & orders
  • The POS menu
    • Products & product categories
    • Menus
    • Recipes
    • Product modifiers

Quick-start: setting up a (very basic) POS configuration

Advanced concepts

Customizing your POS system


Mobile Client

SambaPOS License


SambaPOS Installation

SambaPOS V5 releases are published through SambaPOS Forum. You can visit Release Category to download latest V5 release and read release notes.

Here are the installation steps.

When you start installation depending on your Windows version and your security settings Windows may display a message box like that.

Click More Info link and Click Run Anyway button to start installation.

You'll see installing SambaPOS version on this page. Click next button on each page to advance to next setup screen.

This is where SambaPOS will be installed on your hard drive. You can leave it as default.

On this screen you'll select which additional components will be installed. SQL Server Local DB version auto determined from your system so you don't need to make a selection here.

This Windows Start Menu group name for SambaPOS.

Select if you want a desktop icon.

This screen will appear if another application needed to shut down to be able to install SambaPOS. In this case message server will be closed. It will restart after installation completes

Installation starts on this step. If you've previously installed it will uninstall currently installed version.

After setup completes shut-down applications restarts.

You can launch SambaPOS automatically on final step.

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