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Basic concepts

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Quick-start: setting up a (very basic) POS configuration

Advanced concepts

Customizing your POS system


Mobile Client

SambaPOS License



Things to know before starting

To connect a SambaPOS terminal to a database server you need to know 5 things.

Server Name: This is the network name of the server computer where you've installed SQL Server Express.

SQL Server Instance Name: You can think it like the name of SQL Server you've installed. You configured it while setting up SQL Server Express. It is SQLEXPRESS if you didn't changed default name.

Database Name: Database name is SambaPOS5 by default.

SQL Server User Name: Default user name is sa

SQL Server User Password: Password for sa user configured during SQL Server installation.

When SambaPOS first connects to SQL Server it automatically creates the database and adds some sample data in it.  
If you change database name for a reason please remember new default data added for the new database and your old 
data remains in old database.

Connection String

Connection parameters should be configured as a formatted string called Connection String. Syntax for the connection strings is: Data Source=[server]\[instance]; User Id=[user name]; Password=[password]; Database=[Database] On our example setup these are our setup parameters

Server Name: beyoglu SQL Server Instance Name: SQLEXPRESS Database Name: SambaPOS5 SQL Server User Name: sa SQL Server User Password: samba.1234

So our connection string should be Data Source=beyoglu\SQLEXPRESS; User Id=sa; Password=samba.1234; Database=SambaPOS;

 Server Name and SQL Server Instance name merges with \ character to form Data Sourceparameter.

You can't edit connection strings manually by default. Use Connection Editor or if you have to type connection string manually click edit icon next to editor to enable editing.

Using Connection String Editor

You can easily edit connection strings by using connection string editor. Click Edit Connection button to display editor.

  • Data Source: Merge [server] and [instance] names with \ character as [server]\[instance]. For our example it will be beyoglu\SQLEXPRESS.
  • User Id: SQL Server user name. It will be sa.
  • Password: Password for sa user. I configured it as samba.1234.
  • Database: Database Name. It can be SambaPOS5.

Closing editor window will automatically trigger connection string validation check. You won't be able to change connection string without passing this validation.

If you see an error message please check parameters to ensure you typed them correctly. If you can setup SambaPOS on server but can't setup terminals you can see next chapter for a list of things to check.

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