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Quick-start: setting up a (very basic) POS configuration

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A printer template divided into sections to allow you format specific parts of the ticket.

ORDERSOrder List
ORDER TAGSOrder Tag List
SORTED ORDER TAGSSorted Order Tag List
DISCOUNTSDiscount List
SERVICESService List
PAYMENTSPayment List
CHANGESChange Payment List

The main section of the printer template is [LAYOUT] section.

To be able to explain sections better I'll start building a printer template from scratch.

Layout section is the main section and it only contains a title, time of the print and the footer.

Now just above footer I want to print Orders. So I'll use {ORDERS} tag to set where it prints.

I need to define how {ORDERS} will print so I need to create a new section under [LAYOUT] section.

Highlighted [ORDERS] section is added to define how a specific order line prints. So I'm using {ORDERS} tag to define where orders prints in the template and using [ORDERS] section to define how orders are prints. Of course we don't want “I'm an order line”. We need to print name, quantity and price of the order.

So I can use {QUANTITY} tag to print the quantity of the order. The highlighted part of the template help shows which tags can be used in [ORDERS] section. For example you can't use {ENTITY NAME} tag in orders section as this tag can be used in [ENTITIES] section.

When we execute the report we'll see values replaces fine.

However we'll want to print them in a table like format for better readability. So instead of using <L> tag (left align) in front of the line I'll use <J> tag and separate sections with | (pipe) char.

You can read Printer Template Formatting Tags topic for more info.

<J> tag (justified align) formats order lines fine.

Now I'll add two separator lines to separate order lines from header and footer.

I'll also need to display Total amount of the ticket under orders.

Our ticket also contains Delivery Charge and Tip amounts. To display them I'll use {SERVICES} tag.

Sections are useful to configure a specific formatting for a specific item. For example I can define a specific formatting while printing Tip Line. I'll add another section for it.

The highlighted section is only used for printing the Calculation named as Tip. I added (thanks!) part to show you the difference.

Remaining parts of the default template are used to format other sections of the ticket. You can refer Template Help section for more information about available values.

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