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User interface

Basic concepts

  • Departments
  • Terminals
  • Users & user roles
  • Work periods
  • Tickets & orders
  • The POS menu
    • Products & product categories
    • Menus
    • Recipes
    • Product modifiers

Quick-start: setting up a (very basic) POS configuration

Advanced concepts

Customizing your POS system


Mobile Client

SambaPOS License



1.Step – Adding Entity Type

For adding a new entity (for example a table) go to Manage > Entities > Entity Types You will see all entity types.

Click on the Add Entity Type button. Fill in the blanks and Save.

Entity Type was added.

2.Step – Adding Entity

For adding entity go to Entities > Entities click on Add Entity. Select Entity Type and write Entity Name, select or fill other blanks if needed click on Save button.

If you want to create multiple entities, click on Batch Create Entities.

Add (#) before entity type and write entity names under of it. Then click on OK.

After this process Entities will be added under Entity Types.

3.Step – Adding Entity Screens

For displaying entities on POS Screen (Sales Screen) go to Entities > Entity Screens click on Add Entity Screen button.

3.1.General Settings:

Basic settings will be configured on this screen.

3.2.Entity List:

Entities wanted to be displayed on entity screen will be selected on this page.


You can configure which user role can display the entity screen. You should add at least one line and add * as a value. By this way all users can display screen.

(*) value means “all”.

You can add many line to Mappings. By this way you can give permission to departments, users etc.

After this process you can see the entities on POS screen.

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