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User interface

Basic concepts

  • Departments
  • Terminals
  • Users & user roles
  • Work periods
  • Tickets & orders
  • The POS menu
    • Products & product categories
    • Menus
    • Recipes
    • Product modifiers

Quick-start: setting up a (very basic) POS configuration

Advanced concepts

Customizing your POS system


Mobile Client

SambaPOS License


How to activate your SambaPOS license?

NOTE: Your device must be connected to internet for licensing and activation.

NOTE: You need to purchase SambaPOS V5 Pro license.

Please don't share your email and password with anyone. Click on Samba Market on navigation screen for activating your SambaPOS.

Click on Login. It is on the top right corner.

Enter your username and password ( email and password)(If you purchased from use username and password) Click on OK

Click on Install button for SambaPOS License then click on Activate button.

Logout from SambaPOS and completely shut SambaPOS V5.

Run SambaPOS again.

If you don't see “Unregistered Trial” on top left corner, it means licensing completed.

You can see your license Installed on Samba Market.

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