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Click Backup Database button to create a backup manually. New created backups will appear on list and choosing a backup and clicking Restore Database button will restore selected backup. Display Backup Location displays backup files. By clicking Restore from Zip button you can choose a backup file from another location.


  • Database Name: Leave it empty for general use. This setting is useful if you need to create backups for a different Database other than the configured database.
  • Backup Location: By default SambaPOS will create backups under [MyDocuments\SambaPOS4\Database Backups] folder. You can change default backup location here. For example you can set your cloud service folder (Dropbox,onedrive,etc.) as your backup location. When you do so new backups will be automatically uploaded to cloud. For SQL Server backups SQL Server service should have required permissions to create backups on specified folder. Otherwise you'll receive a Permission Error.
  • Auto Create backups after work period ends: By default Backup Module will automatically create backups after work period ends. Alternatively you can disable this setting and use Create Backup action for advanced uses.
  • Auto Create backups before upgrading to a new version: When enabled SambaPOS will automatically create a backup when you install a new version. If new version upgrades database backup will be created for old state of database.
  • Migrate After Restoration: Enable this setting if you want to automatically migrate your backup to latest version after restoration completes.
  • Allow overwriting database files if database names does not match during restore: By default Backup Module won't allow restoration if backup database name does not match to your current database name. Enable this setting if you need to restore a backup taken from different SambaPOS setup.


You can use Backup Database action to create backups. You can setup Triggers or handle Application Ending event for setting up custom backup rules. Run in background setting is useful to create backups without interrupting SambaPOS. For time triggered backups you can enable this setting. While creating backups on application exit will be a better idea as SambaPOS will wait until backup finishes.

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