Why SambaPOS?

We’re Doing Common Things Uncommonly Well

 Many Choices, One Answer

You have numerous options when it comes to selecting restaurant management software to help you run your business. We differentiate ourselves from the rest because of our desire to do the ‘common thing uncommonly well’. We are constantly in pursuit of enhanced capabilities that will place SambaPOS a step above our competitors, create a valuable resource and please our customers globally.

International Experience

SambaPOS has prevailed in the international arena. It is in nearly 200 countries, operated in dozens of languages and used by thousands of restaurateurs. Every country has different rules, laws and business culture. Accommodating this broad, diverse scale of customers is only possible by solving principal and complex problems.

Customer feedback and testimonials across the globe are internalized. Necessary adjustments are made and insufficient features are given a makeover. Let your business reap the benefits of the SambaPOS team’s international experience and know-how.

Ease of Use

One of the greatest advantages that SambaPOS users have is the ability to operate our software easily. The food and beverage sector is often buzzing and easy-to-use software is crucial to keep up with the demand.

Customers are sometimes in and out in the blink of an eye. For this reason, there is a need to produce maximum work with minimal movement. Tens of thousands of restaurant employees are already using SambaPOS to efficiently receive orders and payments. Keep your customers coming back with our all-encompassing restaurant management solutions. SambaPOS allows you to make the fastest possible cycle through ordering, preparing, serving and paying.

Continuous Improvement

We have been applying our combined experience and research toward the betterment of SambaPOS for years. We are following innovations closely and considering what you need to grow your business.

We are invariably asking ourselves, “What is the next step?”. As we acquire and develop new solutions, we make them available to our customers. We listen to and value your requests and comments.


Nature solves problems by flexibilty and compatibility. When we were developing SambaPOS, we tried to mimic the fluidity of water.

Although all restaurants need general features, each individual restaurant has its own specific needs. Menu creation, printing, and business reports can be designed to suit you. Specific rules and authorizations can be defined.


With its unique code structure, SambaPOS can be integrated with many devices and payment software produced worldwide.

Working with payment devices in many countries, SambaPOS allows you to serve without workflow interruption. Integration with order placement sites makes your job easier and increases profits.