Success Story

All Together For The Better

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    Translated into 23 languages

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    123 countries chose SambaPOS.

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    Used in more than 25,000 cities

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    Activated in 130,000 restaurants

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    Operated by more than 320,000 employees

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    Downloaded more than 430,000 times

Customer Experience

Since we started using SambaPOS, our management abilities have taken a turn for the better. The ability to create reports and monitor our performance have strengthened the quality of service we provide. I would recommend SambaPOS to any café owner.
Marina CafeHead of ACME
We have been operating Nelii Doner in Ankara since 2015. If you need to make a professional choice, the choice should be SambaPOS. We are more powerful with it. Thank you, SambaPOS.
Nelii DonerHead of ACME
We were introduced to SambaPOS four years ago and began to use their system in all of our branches and franchises. Despite the fact that all of our branches operate differently, SambaPOS has provided us with a fast, reliable operating system that can be fully integrated with all sales methods.
Pino BurgerHead of ACME
It’s less complicated than the programs we’ve used in the past. Everything has been thought of for you. All you need is the program. The most important thing is that they provide good customer service.
Mado AntaresHead of ACME
We would like to thank the SambaPOS team for taking control and creating a fast solution for our business.
WhyNotHead of ACME
We feel secure using SambaPOS and it has made our café much more efficient. There hasn’t been a single problem since the first day we started using it. Thank you very much to the producers.
Atomic Energy Institution Head of ACME
As the Bounty Coffee family, we are comfortably using SambaPOS and can confidently recommend it to everyone.
Bounty Eatry CoffeeHead of ACME
It is a must that we have seamless operations. This is a program that offers every solution that you could possibly expect.
Court of Accounts Golbasi FacilityHead of ACME
It is simple to add multiple, diverse products and create nice menus. It is practical and works very quickly.
Tugba Unlu MamulleriHead of ACME
A perfect program that we can adjust to meet our needs. The report creation feature is very useful.
GulogluHead of ACME
Speed is the most important thing for us. This program is the most efficient way to use every hour of the day. We are very pleased with the service that SambaPOS offers.
Chef DurumHead of ACME
SambaPOS is a program that helps us keep up with the rush during peak hours. Thanks to the screen layout, it is easy to use. Mutlu Gunler BakeryHead of ACME