Our Products

SambaPOS V5 Pro

The newest version of SambaPOS with innovative technology and updated features for managing your restaurant.

OpenEdge Integration

Open Edge is a young, dynamic and competitive payment provider and is a division of Global Payments.

TSYS Integration

TSYS is the leading technology provider
powering payments for global commerce
in the 21st century.

SambaPOS Mobile Client

SambaPOS Mobile Client gives waiters/waitresses the ability to take tableside orders with Android devices.

SambaPOS GO Kiosk

Your customers can place order and pay easily with SambaPOS GO Kiosk Self Service Ordering Application.

SambaPOS GO Tablet

Tablet menus help your wait staff save time by allowing their customer to browse and confirm orders sending them directly to the kitchen.

metriK for SambaPOS

An app that allows your restaurant to track sales, employees, revenue and workflow instantly on all mobile devices.

GloriaFood Integration

The integration module transfers orders immediately from GloriaFood to SambaPOS which shortens the ordering process.

RestaJet Integration

Orders taken from your website and mobile app are seamlessly sent to SambaPOS V5 with our RestaJet integration.