Delivery / Takeaway

In the Nick of Time

 Advanced Features

Customers look forward to a quick delivery and SambaPOS supports restaurants in meeting that expectation. Easily access the delivery/takeaway screen from the main screen to work with separate menus and prices. Use Caller ID when collecting orders for quicker processing. Set fast-pay buttons. Manage couriers by monitoring order departure and arrival times. View customer addresses via Google Maps.

Delivery Management

The delivery management feature focuses on assessing routes, assigning orders to drivers, tracking orders and payments.

Customizable Screens

Design your screen display as you wish. Choose a layout that is practical in regard to the needs of delivery/takeaway orders. Place shortcut buttons for repeated actions and create useful delivery/takeaway-related reports.


Inform customers about delivery times, promotions and campaigns. Send congratulations on birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions.

Loyalty Programs

Give your customers additional reasons to return (besides your delicious dishes and impeccable service) by offering rewards.
Plan campaigns or make discounts according to the status of your inventory.