Cafe & Bar

Raising the Bar

 Advanced Features

Optimize bar performance by using screens specifically developed for bar operations. Design printouts to fit your needs. Take orders from hand-held terminals. Receive stock reports in real time to identify deficiencies and surpluses.

Age Verification

Better safe than sorry. Ethically and legally, age verification is a must for bar, restaurant and convenience store owners who are selling alcoholic products. A customer’s birthday can be entered to verify that they are old enough to purchase certain products.


Monitor your inventory in real time so you know what to reorder and when. SambaPOS automatically updates inventory levels for you and sends alerts if a particular item needs attention.


Due to the cost-related details you will add for each product, you can make product-specific cost calculations and take control of variable costs.

Kitchen Display

SambaPOS can be used in the kitchen with touchscreens, monitors and/or printers. Display views and printer templates are customizable.