SambaPOS CDS (Customer Delivery System) for your restaurant – Innovative Service that Delights Customers!

  • Great Checkout Experience
  • Improved Brand Image
  • Speedy Service
  • Fewer Errors
  • Increased Sales
Informed Customers = Happy Customers

SambaPOS delivers an excellent CDS or Customer Display System that helps improve the dining experience of all customers. Your customers get complete and accurate information about their order, which enables them to have a perfect experience at your restaurant.

360-Degree Order Information

Your customers can see all key information about their order on an easy-to-read screen.

  • Order Details
  • Price Information
  • Loyalty/Reward Points
  • Order Status
Integration with SambaPOS KDS

The SambaPOS CDS can be integrated with the SambaPOS KDS (Kitchen Display System) for seamless service right from the customers placing the order till it is delivered to them!

SambaPOS CDS - Customer Delivery System
The SambaPOS CDS is Compatible with Multiple Devices and OS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Computer

How Will the SambaPOS CDS Transform Your Restaurant?

Optimal Order Display

Your customers can now clearly see all relevant information about their order.

  1. Order number
  2. Details of each item
  3. Prices for each item
  4. Taxes as applicable
  5. Discounts or offer details
  6. Final order total

The easy-to-read display clearly shows every minute detail about the customer’s order, leaving no room for confusion!

SambaPOS CDS - Customer Display System
Faster Checkout

With all order details clearly displayed, the checkout process for each client becomes very smooth and seamless. Any discrepancies can be easily clarified, and the order details can be immediately communicated to the kitchen staff.

Order Tracking for Customers

Using the order number given to each customer, they can track the status of their order. This is especially helpful if you run a fast food service restaurant. Once the order is ready, the number can be displayed on the screen, and the customer can come and collect it. Since the CDS is integrated with the KDS, the communication is completely accurate and fast.

Better Branding for You

The SambaPOS CDS allows the personalization of the displays. Make sure to add stunning pictures of the different products that you offer and keep the display in line with your brand. Our software lets you add logos, brand colours, and other brand elements. You can even add promotions or seasonal offers. This is very important as it leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

Digital Payments and Receipts

Today’s world is completely digital and online. To facilitate innovative service for your customers, take advantage of the easy, digital, and eco-friendly payment and receipt system in the SambaPOS CDS. Contactless payments using QR codes and digital receipts after the order has been placed are the primary benefits. They can increase sales and improve efficiency.

Shorter Lines

If the waiting lines at your restaurant are shorter, then you are definitely a winner. Waiting for your order is not at all fun, and especially so if you are hungry. With the SambaPOS CDS, the lines move faster, and you can serve more customers. This is extremely beneficial during the rush hour periods or during festive seasons.

Accurate and Personalized Service

When your kitchen staff receives accurate order information, there is no room for error. With all details in place, they can quickly prepare the dishes and send them out for service. Any customizations to orders can also be handled efficiently – for example, allergy information, dietary concerns, or adding extra ingredients and toppings. The customers receive exactly what they ordered!

Increased Tips

Not only do we offer payment solutions, but we also include tip features. Your customers can add tips based on a percentage of the total order value, or they can even add a custom figure. This interface encourages customers to increase their tip size, which ultimately benefits you and your staff.

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Loyal and Repeat Customers

The success of a restaurant depends on its customers, and the most successful restaurants have loyal, repeat customers. With the SambaPOS CDS, you can collect customer information like phone numbers or email addresses and launch marketing campaigns. You can also set up a loyalty program with reward points to encourage customers to visit your restaurant more often!

Deliver Excellent Customer Service with the SambaPOS CDS! We are here to help you serve your customers better. Buy SambaPOS or become a reseller! Connect with us to learn more!